Technology & R&D

With a highly experienced R&D team, Palziv specializes in the development of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foams. We operate pilot production lines for both continuous sheets and blocks, which allow us to test numerous variations of new raw materials and formulations, prior to running full scale production.    

Three Plaziv R&D laboratories are fully equipped for QC/QA testing of the foams’ physical properties. Our burn chambers let us test fire retardant foams before we send them off to external laboratories for official testing.
We constantly monitor international standards and regulations related to foams in all the relevant sectors, so we can implement any changes that may be required by regulatory revisions and updates.  

The Palziv R&D team works to promote and support the continued growth of the company’s customers as well as of our internal production capabilities. 

Palzivā€™s raw materials offer

  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Flotation properties
  • Prevention of water seepage 
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