XPLE Roll Foam

+ A wide spectrum of densities and colors

+ Uniform closed-cell structure

+ Pleasant texture

+ High resistance to wear and tear




Cross-Linked Foam Solutions in Roll Form

GalFoam is manufactured in rolls using extrusion technology. 
We tailor the rolls to meet specific requirements, in varying thicknesses, densities, sizes and colors. GalFoam can be fully customized to the required thickness and our experts are at our customers’ disposal to advise and make sure the final product fully corresponds with their needs. 
GalFoam is developed and produced in-house, much like other raw Palziv materials. Our polished manufacturing operations allow us to meet specific customer requirements, even with complex logistic requirements, and including all of the stages, from planning, engineering and processing through to production and delivery of the finished product to the customer.

GA Line - Extruded Roll Foam (GalFoam, since 1996)

*SPLIT MATERIAL: Material may be split to lower thickness; in such case a skin/cell configuration will be obtained.
The maximum splitting width is 1550 mm.

GA Line - Laminated Blocks from Extruded Roll Foam

Palziv laminated block foam is available in a wide range of configurations, custom-made per your needs. 



When combined with additives, Palziv materials deliver varied combinations of the following features: ultra-high density, antistatic, conductive, elastic, flame retardant, ultra violet (UV), durability, and other advantages that extend the capabilities and basic features of different products.

Why Choose Palziv’s Raw Materials?

GalFoam and PalFoam offer the following features:
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Durability
  • Resistance to harsh climates
  • Resistance to chemicals and fluids
  • Shock absorption
  • Light weight
  • Processing  is easy and convenient

GalFoam is your material of choice for the following (and other) applications:


Acoustic insulation
Water resistant
Sustains heavy pressure​


Air duct insulation
Compressor area insulation
Electronics area insulation
Parts, seals and gasket


Acoustic insulation
Thermal insulation
Water seal


Fire retardant
Anti-static foam
Thermal conductivity

Mats for Sport & Camping

Easy to clean
Water repellent

More materials