Micro-Cell Block Foam


+ A wide spectrum of densities and colors

+ Uniform closed-cell structure

+ Pleasant texture

+ High resistance to wear and tear





Cross-Linked Foam Solutions in Block Form

PalFoam is manufactured using plate-compressing technology. Much like other Plaziv products, PalFoam is developed and produced in-house allowing Palziv to respond and deliver customized final products in thin PalFoam sheets or thicker pallets, according to specific customer requirements.
Our polished manufacturing operations include all of the stages, from planning, engineering and processing through to production and delivery of the finished product to the customer.


PalFoam – Features & Advantages

  • Structure: Uniform closed cell structure (microcell)
  • Aesthetics: Pleasant texture and aesthetic appearance
  • Temperature resistance: Resistant to temperatures between -60°C and +90°C
  • Processing and forming: Easily thermoformed, vacuum formed, machine milled (CNC), seamlessly laminated, glued, split, etc.
  • Manufacturing flexibility: Material can be manufactured in a variety of densities, sizes and colors


When combined with additives, Palziv raw materials deliver varied combinations of the following features: ultra-high density, antistatic, conductive, elastic, flame retardant, ultra violet (UV), durability, and other advantages that extend the capabilities and basic features of different products.

Why Choose Palziv’s Raw Materials?

GalFoam and PalFoam offer unique features, including:
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Durability
  • Resistance to harsh climates
  • Resistance to chemicals and fluids
  • Shock absorption
  • Light weight
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