Palziv's state-of-the-art expertise enables us to supply the market
with closed-cell polyethylene foam in both rolls and blocks and as
semi-processed customized products, in compliance with customer need.

Cross-linked foam solutions in a wide range of materials and textures

Palziv’s cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foams are fully processed in-house using cutting-edge technology. The superior consistency of Palziv foam makes it highly compatible for vacuum or thermoforming, CNC milling, heat welding, molding, or gluing with contact adhesives. Our anti-clogging grades of foam keep conversions simple, and the low-static attractive forces make the process quick and clean.

With complete control over the entire production process, Palziv has the competitive advantage of processing flexibility to meet customer requirements. Palziv can incorporate additives such as cork, anti-static materials, or electrical conductivity into its foam, and can output the foam in a variety of densities integrated with materials such as aluminum, plastic, or glue.

Palziv can provide partial or full conversion of raw materials or a final finished product,
representing a full end-to-end solution for customers.

Palziv’s raw materials offer:

• Thermal insulation
• Acoustic insulation
• Flotation properties
• Prevention of water seepage