Micro-Cell Block Foam
  • Uniform closed-cell structure
  • Seamless processing and conversion
  • Long lasting durability

Cross-linked foam solutions in block form

PalFoam is a substance produced using plate-compressing technology.

PalFoam can be supplied as thin sheets or thicker pallets, and can be processed in various forms, according to the client's specifications and requirements. PalFoam’s material development and production are completed in-house, which allows Palziv to quickly meet the specific requirements of our customers, from raw material characterization to production and delivery of the final product.
Features and Advantages of PalFoam
  • Structure: Uniform closed cell structure (Micro Cell)
  • Aesthetics: Pleasant texture and aesthetic appearance
  • Durability: Mechanical stability and elasticized material with low shrinkage
  • Resistance to temperatures:  Resistant to temperatures between -60°C and +90°C
  • Manufacturing flexibility: Material can be manufactured in a variety of densities, sizes and colors
  • Seamless processing and conversion: Can be thermoformed, vacuum formed, machine milled (CNC), laminated, glued, split, etc.
PalFoam is primarily used in the following applications: packaging, automotive (cars, trucks, trains, etc.), toys, orthopedic products, brushes, car wash machines and other applications.

The use of Palziv’s raw materials extend the capabilities and basic features of various products, providing such benefits as ultra-high density, anti-static, conductive, elastic, flame retardants, durability and ultra - violet (UV) and more.

Why choose Palziv’s raw materials?
GalFoam and PalFoam offer unique features, including:
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Durability
  • Resistance to harsh climatic conditions
  • Resistance to chemicals and fluids
  • Shock absorption
  • Light weight
  • Convenience and ease of processing
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PalFoam - Foam in blocks dimensions 

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