Sport & Leisure
  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for drainage and energy absorption
Sport & Leisure

Cross-linked foam solutions perfect for your lifestyle

Palziv foams provide superior protection for both indoor and outdoor leisure activities. Our solutions feature excellent environmental resistance and durability as well as a maintenance-free extended service life.
  • Camping mats – GalFoam mats provide comfort and safety against freezing ground temperatures, due to its thermo-insulation and water-resistant characteristics
  • Children's playgrounds – 3Rfoam sheets and rolls can be used in conjunction with recycled particle rubber or synthetic grass as a protective layer for added safety
  • Sport fields ‒ Palziv underlay products can be installed under synthetic grass to provide a FIFA-standard playing surface
  • Roof gardens – 3RFoam has unique water drainage properties, while retaining sufficient moisture to support healthy plant growth
  • Above-ground pools – GalFoam sheets protect pool bottom from sharp hazards or uneven bumps, and act as an insulator against ground heat